What Works When and Why? -- Mono Rigs and Euro Nymphing Styles

November 26, 2023 Domenick Swentosky Season 9 Episode 6
What Works When and Why? -- Mono Rigs and Euro Nymphing Styles
Show Notes

This episode is a conversation about tight line leader styles. We share what we like best, what works for each of us and what does not. This is Part Two for the podcast that we two weeks ago, titled, “Tight Line, High Stick, Euro Nymph, Mono Rig -- What's the Difference and How Did We Get Here?”

While that first episode laid out a history of tight line tactics, this conversation is focused on how we use these leaders. How do we fish the different leader builds for tight lining? What are the advantages and disadvantages of Standard, Thin and Micro-Thin Mono Rigs? What can we do with each of them?

My friends join me for a great discussion, full of deep experience and strong opinion.


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