The Strike -- Tight Line and Euro Nymphing Skills, #8

February 27, 2022 Domenick Swentosky Season 2 Episode 8
The Strike -- Tight Line and Euro Nymphing Skills, #8
Show Notes

The strike is the best part of fishing. It’s what we’re all out there waiting for, or rather, what we’re trying to make happen all day long. And the trout eats because we get so many things right. When the fish strikes, we strike back. Short, swift and effective, the hook finds flesh. Then we try to keep the trout buttoned up, and get it to the net.

In this podcast episode, there are two types of strikes that my friend, Austin Dando, and I focus on.

First, there’s the strike from a trout — the take, the hit, the “gimme that I wanna eat it,” from a fish. So we need to recognize and sense that strike.

Second, there's our strike — the hook set, the swift rod tip motion that drives the hook point home and attaches us to the trout. So it helps to have a plan and give some thought to how that’s done too.

Remember, fooling trout is the hard part. The rest of this — hooking and landing a fish, comes much easier.

We Cover the Following

  • Are hook sets really free?
  • Set on anything?
  • Set on anything unusual or unexpected
  • Difference of over or under weighting
  • Is there a sixth sense?
  • Direction of the hook set
  • How far? How fast?
  • Fly rod types and hook sets
  • The Check Set
  • Can you ever set too fast?
  • Slack and hook sets

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