Putting It All Together -- Tight Line and Euro Nymphing Skills, #9

March 06, 2022 Domenick Swentosky Season 2 Episode 9
Putting It All Together -- Tight Line and Euro Nymphing Skills, #9
Show Notes

Here we are at the finish line. In this ninth installment of this Troutbitten Skills Series, my friend, Austin Dando, and I walk through some of the best tips for putting it all together. Because this set of skills, performed in order and flowing from one to the next, results in a great drift that starts and finishes in a convincing, trout-catching presentation.

Here are those nine skills:

  1. Angle and Approach
  2. Turnover and Tuck Cast
  3. Sticking the Landing
  4. Recovering Slack
  5. Finding Contact
  6. Locating the Strike Zone
  7. Guiding the Flies
  8. The Strike
  9. Putting it all Together

Each of them now has its own podcast and its own article that lays out the tactics in detail.

Tight line tactics are infinitely refinable. There is no end to how much better you can make the next drift. And if you get it perfect, then the next seam challenges you all over again. Contact and true control over the flies is a responsibility, and I’ve seen it overwhelm people at times. So, putting a number on the most basic skills and putting them in order makes things manageable. That is the purpose of this system -- this series -- of nine essential skills.

We Cover the Following

  • Practice by imagining
  • Don't be intimidated
  • Trusting the transitions
  • Finding the failures
  • Focusing on just one
  • Seeing success
  • How fast the middle steps happen
  • Watching the entrance and the exit of the flies
  • Judging success


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