Bonus Round Q&A with Full Panel -- Tight Line and Euro Nymphing Skills, #10

March 13, 2022 Domenick Swentosky Season 2 Episode 10
Bonus Round Q&A with Full Panel -- Tight Line and Euro Nymphing Skills, #10
Show Notes

Season Two concludes with a round table discussion for answering the most common questions about tight line and euro nymphing skills. My full panel of friends, Austin, Bill, Trevor and Josh join me to get deep in the weeds of the tactics, to clear up misconceptions, and offer their own ideas.

As Episode nine published, I realized there were many questions left to be answered. Daily, I received messages about a variety of techniques discussed in these nine essential skills. And the same themes cropped up. Anglers struggled with the same concepts. And those misunderstandings made their way to my inbox. It made sense to do one more podcast and answer these most popular, important questions.

So here's your bonus round . . .

We Cover the Following

  • Tuck casting in cover and using sidearm angles
  • Tuck casting doesn't need to be vertical
  • Reading sighter for contact vs reading sighter for the strike zone
  • More tips on finding the strike zone
  • Forcing contact and using the extremes
  • Tippet length variability
  • Developing accuracy with more speed
  • Refining the cast
  • Leader diameter vs leader power
  • Tips for fishing around structure

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** NOTE ** Season Three begins in a coupe weeks. We return to the Season One format of full-panel discussion covering all things fly fishing for trout. And we're looking forward to it.


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