Secrets and Spot Burning

March 27, 2022 Domenick Swentosky Season 3 Episode 1
Secrets and Spot Burning
Show Notes

Season Three begins with a round-table discussion about fishermen's secrets and what happens when we give up the most sensitive of them -- spot burning.

My full panel of fishing buddies is back for this third season: Austin Dando, Trevor Smith, Josh Darling, Bill Dell and now Matt Grobe. We kick off season three with one of the most contentious topics in fly fishing. Holding secrets is human nature. And some of us keep confidential our favorite flies, tactics and more. But when it comes to spots -- locations and where we fish -- discretion is a kindness that we lend to other anglers.

Secrets are part of the legacy of fishing. Exploring and locating places that are special to each of us is part of what keeps us coming back. We like to think that we’ve discovered something that is uncommon or unknown. And we learn that sharing information with the wrong people or in the wrong way can easily destroy a secret by making the uncommon, common.

As for spot burning, it’s bad because of what it does to other anglers.. Every piece of water is someone else’s sweetheart spot. So we refrain from naming names and locations out of respect for everyone else. And if you hear yourself saying, “It’s okay because everybody knows about that spot,” think again.

That’s our take on it.

We Cover the Following

  • Question from a listener regarding knot tying tips
  • Question from a listener regarding the toughest skill in fly tying
  • Types of secrets
  • Secret flies
  • Secret tactics
  • What is spot burning
  • The negative impact of spot burning
  • Nuances of spot burning
  • Sharing without sharing too much
  • The hypocrisy of secrets

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Season Three of the Troutbitten podcast continues with Episode 2 -- Inefficiencies That Waste Your Fishing Time. 

So look for that one in your Troutbitten podcast feed.

Fish hard, friends.


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