Find Your Water -- Find Space

May 08, 2022 Domenick Swentosky Season 3 Episode 7
Find Your Water -- Find Space
Show Notes

Every angler wants to fish somewhere new — someplace untouched. We want novel experiences. Something about trout fishing, about catch and release and about throwing flies, attracts the explorer. Long term anglers are most often the adventurers. They’re the pathfinders — the ones who find the qualities of solitude and peace more important than fishing big-name waters or catching a bunch of trout.

And these days, one of the most common complaints heard among fishermen is about crowded waters. People say there are more anglers than ever and that you can’t get away from all the fishermen out there. But I think you can. And, In turn, one of the most common questions I receive is how to find the offbeat waters, where are the places that everyone doesn’t fish? Inevitably, people ask about these places because they want to see fewer anglers.

That solitude on a trout stream is there if you truly want it. By putting in the time to learn your waters, you’ll find the under-fished areas.

If you want space, if you want to find your own water, it’s there for you.

Think about where and when. Consider the conditions. And learn to recognize the habits of anglers — because they are always predictable. Avoid every access with a clever name like Rainbow Riffle or Three Dollar Bridge. Sure, the fishing might be great, but these are not the places to find your space.

And if you roll up to a popular access of a blue ribbon trout stream, if it’s noon on a Sunday, if it’s June with prime flows and sunny skies, then stop complaining about the cars and anglers.

That’s your choice. It’s on you. And by making that choice, you’re now part of the predictable habits of anglers.

We Cover the Following

  •  Are there really more anglers?
  • The effects of weather on angler pressure
  • How the habits of anglers are predictable
  • Popular water, unpopular spots
  • Popular waters, uncommon times
  • Lesser known waters
  • Exploring, walking


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