An Introduction to Night Fishing for Trout

June 26, 2022 Domenick Swentosky Season 3 Episode 14
An Introduction to Night Fishing for Trout
Show Notes

I've been building the Night Fishing for Trout Series here on Troutbitten for many years. It's an ongoing series of chapters that cover some of what I’ve learned about trout after dark.

But I’m careful with that word “learned.” Sure, I’ve come a long way in the fifteen years or so that I’ve spent night fishing. And time on the water has taught me things both by fish in the net and through repeated failure. I’ve gone through a period of time where I dedicated a few years to night fishing as my primary motivation, fishing after dark at least once a week, even through the winter months, and spending a lot more than that under the dark summer sky.

What I’ve learned is often very different than the stuff that’s supposed to work. And then again, some of it matches up pretty well.

Then, after over a decade of night fishing as a solitary endeavor I met my friends Josh Darling and Trevor Smith, who join me on this podcast episode. These guys somehow found that same rare drive to search and discover after dark, and it’s more than just a passing fad for them. They’ve dug deeper into the shadows than anyone else I’ve met. I Iearn from them. They are my trusted fishing friends. Their experience becomes my own. Their reports, their observations, are nearly as valuable as having my own boots in the water. These guys night fish, and they fish hard.

So for this podcast episode, our goal is to provide an overview, some kind of path down the lonely, dark and wonderfully mysterious road that is night fishing.

We Cover the Following

  • Motivation
  • Places
  • Planning
  • Moonlight, Starlight and City Light
  • Headlights, Flashlights and Glow-in-the-Dark stuff
  • The tactics of drifting and swinging
  • Water Types
  • Fly Types
  • Big Trout and Finding the Right Locations
  • Fighting Fear
  • Accepting the Mystery
  • The Rods and Lines


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