Fly Tying and the Complete Angler

October 09, 2022 Domenick Swentosky Season 5 Episode 2
Fly Tying and the Complete Angler
Show Notes

This episode of the Troutbitten Podcast is about tying flies. It's about the way that aspect of fly fishing changes everything for us. Most of us wish to be a complete angler -- one who is well rounded, ready for anything and versatile.

By tying flies, we get closer to that goal, because tying flies engages us in a deeper way. We’re more connected, more invested in what we tie to the end of the line. With a few turns of monofilament through the hook eye, we are attached to our own creations and our own solutions.

In this episode my friends join me to talk about why we tie flies, why it's important and how it gives us an advantage on the river. We discuss what we like to change in fly patterns, how we adapt our flies to the conditions and much more. Because, for each of us, tying flies is part of our life on the water.

We Cover the Following

  • How tying makes us better anglers
  • Things we can change at the vise
  • Problems and situations we can address at the vise
  • Does tying flies save money?
  • Does tying flies save time?


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