Freewheelin' Two -- Stories and Experiences

November 13, 2022 Domenick Swentosky Season 5 Episode 7
Freewheelin' Two -- Stories and Experiences
Show Notes

The Troutbitten guys and I sit down to share a few stories — moments and experiences — from a life on the water.

There’s no layout for this episode and not much direction other than to share some of the remarkable things that have happened to us while fishing — the things we’ve seen, places we’ve been and the stuff that has happened, simply because we were there, on the river, with a fly rod in our hand.

From the beginning, Troutbitten has been about tactics, sure, but also about the experiences. It’s always been a balance between the two, across all the channels, the videos, the podcasts, the website and social media.

It’s the tactics that keep me interested and motivated to get out there day after day. It’s that refinement of technique and the endless problem solving in an ever-changing and shifting game. But sometimes, I catch myself with my head down, tying knots, staring and searching through the surface currents without looking around very much, without breathing deeply and soaking it all in.

But it’s the things that happen while we’re out there that make fly fishing for trout the all-consuming, never ending pursuit that it is for us. And, in truth, all of us need to let that happen. It’s in the choices that we make regarding where we’ll fish, when we’ll fish and who we’ll fish with. Those elements, the locations, the woods, the water and the friendships make all of this special.

We Cover the Following

  • Boat shenanigans
  • Austin's wedding
  • Family trips
  • Travel time
  • Fishing with a dog
  • Camping and fishing


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