What to Trust

December 11, 2022 Domenick Swentosky Season 5 Episode 11
What to Trust
Show Notes

One of the most captivating aspects of fly fishing is the seemingly endless variety of approaches, tactics and strategies that are available with a fly rod in our hands. There are so many things to learn that put trout in the net. And we quickly understand that there’s a lifetime of education for us if we want it.

So we combine our time on the water with conversations that we have with friends. We read books and articles. We watch videos. Maybe we listen to podcasts. And yes, we might even learn something from social media.

But with so many sources in easy reach, sorting through the flood of information can be overwhelming. How do you weigh the value or the validity of these sources? These days, conflicting information — conflicting opinions — seem to be right next to each other.

So . . . what should you trust? How do you sift through the overflowing bank of information and find what works?

That is what this episode is about.

We Cover the Following

  • Are there experts in fly fishing?
  • What is an expert?
  • Are the best anglers well known?
  • Who have you learned from the most?
  • How have you learned the most?
  • How can you pick out bad information?
  • Can we trust the trout?
  • Learning to trust yourself
  • Enjoying the experience


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