Winter Fly Fishing Skills #1 -- The System and The Plan

January 15, 2023 Domenick Swentosky Season 6 Episode 1
Winter Fly Fishing Skills #1 -- The System and The Plan
Show Notes

Season Six of the Troutbitten podcast begins. This is an eight part Skill Series about fly fishing in the winter months, and episode one is an overview of the series, along with details about where to find trout and in what water type we should expect them to eat. This episode is about our approach, with advice on time of day, fly strategy, covering water to suite the river and reading what the trout want for the moment.

I'm joined this season by my co-host, Austin Dando.

This Skills Series format is designed with less conversation and more detail.

Here Are the Winter Skills Series Episode Titles:

  • The System / The Plan
  • Your Hands
  • Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes
  • Nymphing in the Winter
  • Streamer Fishing in the Winter
  • Dry Flies, Midges, Emergers and More
  • Winter Problems, Winter Solutions
  • Roundtable Review

In This Episode, We Cover the Following

  • What does winter mean
  • Air temperatures and water temperatures
  • Enjoying the struggle
  • Cracking the winter code
  • Winter predictability
  • Where to expect trout
  • River types and water types
  • Finding feeding fish
  • Move and fish
  • Nymphing, streamers dry flies
  • Why don't more anglers fish in the winter?
  • The experience


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