Winter Fly Fishing Skills #2 -- Your Hands

January 22, 2023 Domenick Swentosky Season 6 Episode 2
Winter Fly Fishing Skills #2 -- Your Hands
Show Notes

Cold. That is what defines winter fishing. We acknowledged in the last podcast that the cold — or really the inability to deal with it — is one of the main reasons anglers stay home.

So that’s why I think any in-depth discussion about winter fishing really has to start with how to stay warm. If you’re so cold that you can’t function normally, you just won’t fish well.

In next week’s podcast, we’re going to get deep into all of it — keeping your whole body warm, from head to toe. And not just warm, but ready for fishing, walking, wading and hiking a little. But in this episode, we’re starting with your hands — just your hands. Because there’s a lot to this. And maybe nothing is more important.  We need warm hands -- working hands -- to fish in the coldest weather we encounter and stay out there, catching fish and meeting the challenges that winter fishing can bring.

In This Episode, We Cover the Following

  • Why fly anglers need two hands
  • The benefit of body heat
  • Something is still going to hurt
  • Keep your hands dry
  • Does everyone need gloves?
  • Types of gloves
  • Wool, fleece, nitrile
  • Heat packs (Hot Hands)
  • Using your pockets
  • Wrist bands


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