Winter Fly Fishing Skills #6 -- Dry Fly Fishing in the Winter

February 19, 2023 Domenick Swentosky Season 6 Episode 6
Winter Fly Fishing Skills #6 -- Dry Fly Fishing in the Winter
Show Notes

With this Troutbitten skills series on winter fishing. We’ve covered locations and expectations, where to find trout, and their wintertime habits. We did two full podcasts on staying warm from head to toe. We talked about fishing nymphs in these waters, streamers in these waters, and now we’re ready to talk about dry flies.

Specifically, this conversation is dedicated to what is different or unique about fishing dry flies in the winter, versus other times of the year.

My friend, Austin Dando, joins me for a great conversation about the floaters. This is a fun one.

We Cover the Following

  • Where to find rising trout
  • Regional and geographical variations
  • Expected hatches
  • Spring waters, tailwaters, freestoners
  • Water types for small flies
  • Hatches and patterns to match
  • Why local knowledge is supreme
  • The dead drift is everything
  • Presentation specifics
  • Leader adjustments
  • Fishing two dries
  • Fishing dry dropper in the winter
  •  . . . and more


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