Fish It Anyway -- A Story

March 25, 2023 Domenick Swentosky
Fish It Anyway -- A Story
Show Notes

Troutbitten is about the pursuit of fishing tactics. It’s about discovering new techniques and improving our skills. We don’t want to hope something will happen out there. We try to make it happen. And that element of fly fishing, where there’s always something new to try, is what is so attractive to those of us who dedicate much of our lives to the river.

But there’s another side to this love of pursuing trout. And I once wrote it down in an article this way:

"There are two sides to every fisherman: one that simply enjoys being on the water (hoping to catch a fish), and the other that desperately wants to know how to put more fish in the net. These two parts find an internal balance inside every long-term angler that I know."

Among the nearly one-thousand articles published on Troutbitten, I strive to reflect this balance. The Stories category of the website carries the heart and soul of this project. And if I were limited to writing stories or tactical pieces only, I would no doubt hold on to the stories. I love this kind of writing.

This episode is a reading of a story that I first published on February 23, 2022, titled, Fish It Anyway . . .


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