Angler Pressure ONE -- What It Does to the Fish

April 09, 2023 Domenick Swentosky Season 7 Episode 1
Angler Pressure ONE -- What It Does to the Fish
Show Notes

Season 7 of the Troutbitten Podcast begins with a two-part discussion on angler pressure. This is a big one. It’s a topic that everyone in the fishing world loves to talk about. People complain about angler pressure, and they have theories about how it changes things.

In this episode, we discuss how angler pressure affects the fish. And for the next episode, the topic will be how angler pressure affects the fishing. One topic sets up a good conversation of the other.

Angler pressure probably isn’t going to trend the other way. For most of us, more casts are made to the waters we fish, by more anglers than ever before. Because there are more fishermen, just as there are more runners, golfers and bikers. Every sport these days has better access to information about techniques, about where and when to go, and there’s specialized gear that is easily available and fun to buy.

We Cover the Following

  • Trout selectivity
  • Feeding patterns
  • Migration
  • Growth rates
  • Trout conditioning
  • Grouping up or spreading out
  • Mortality rates
  • . . . and more


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