Good Wading, Better Fishing -- How Wading Skills Change Everything

May 07, 2023 Domenick Swentosky Season 7 Episode 5
Good Wading, Better Fishing -- How Wading Skills Change Everything
Show Notes

This episode is about wading a river. Good wading. Better wading. Confident wading. Because, for a river angler, nothing is more important. Good wading is not just walking from place to place, it's an almost constant, fluid motion, and fly fishing requires great footwork along the way.

I meet a lot of anglers who approach a river all wrong. They wade into a spot, set up, and then cast to every piece of water they can reach (at all angles) before picking up and wading again to repeat the process. But this is rarely the best approach.

Consider the variables: There’s a distance at which you are most accurate. There’s a light angle that is most advantageous. There’s a certain water type where trout are feeding more agreeably. So the best river anglers move, almost constantly, setting themselves up to best approach the next great piece of water.

As wading anglers, we must wade efficiently. It’s that simple. And good wading skills change the game like nothing else. When you are comfortable and confident in the water — when you can easily move to the other side just because the light angles are better, the river opens up in a whole new way.

The Troutbitten guys join me to walk through some of our best wading tips.

We Cover the Following

  • Should anglers move while casting?
  • Why does good wading make such a difference?
  • Wading, not walking
  • Constant motion
  • Reading the water
  • Body positioning
  • Polarized lenses for good wading
  • The best boots for wading
  • Boot studs and traction
  • The right wading staff setup
  • . . . and more.


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