What to Love About Small Stream Fishing

May 14, 2023 Domenick Swentosky Season 7 Episode 6
What to Love About Small Stream Fishing
Show Notes

This podcast is about small stream fishing — specifically, what we love about the places, the fish, the tactics and the experience of fishing smaller trout waters.

These are trout streams that are no wider than the dirt road that you drove in on. And for every blue ribbon trout river, for every destination water that is raved about in the guidebooks and makes every angler’s bucket list, there are numerous tributaries to these main rivers that are mostly overlooked. We see this everywhere we go — small streams get no respect. They’re mostly an afterthought.

We fish small streams for the adventure, for the exploration and the experience. We fish smalls streams in search of wild trout in wild places. And we fish small streams because the challenges of fly fishing these waters teaches us everything we ever need to know about fishing bigger rivers.

We Cover the Following

  • Finding solitude
  • Reaching back into our own history
  • Wild and native fish
  • Leader tips for small waters
  • Rod lengths for small waters
  • The purity of experience
  • Cooler temps, with more shade
  • Willing trout in smaller waters
  • Scenery
  • . . . and more


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