Night Fishing for Trout: People, Places and Things

August 20, 2023 Domenick Swentosky Season 8 Episode 1
Night Fishing for Trout: People, Places and Things
Show Notes

This season is a skills series about fishing for trout after the sun goes down. And for the next six episodes, we’ll break down the night game into an outline that roughly follows the topics of a series that I published on Troutbitten, titled, Night Fishing for Trout.

My night fishing friends are joining me for this episode -- Josh, Trevor and Austin. These are the only night fishing companions I’ve ever had. Because the truth is, most anglers simply will not fish in the dark very often. But these guys do. And it takes a certain kind of angler to pursue trout into the night.

What kind of angler fishes after dark? What are their motivations and rewards? That's our first topic in this episode.

Where does night fishing for trout happen? Where are the best places to catch trout after dark? That's our second topic in this episode.

And lastly, what kind of gear and tactics will we cover in this series? What are some of the odd things about night fishing we might encounter?

This season, the six-part Night Fishing for Trout Skills skills series from Troutbitten, is an in depth look into the game of fishing for trout after dark. We hope you enjoy it.


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