Night Fishing for Trout -- Nymphs, Wets and Pushers

September 24, 2023 Domenick Swentosky Season 8 Episode 6
Night Fishing for Trout -- Nymphs, Wets and Pushers
Show Notes

In this six-part series we’ve covered locations, water types, weather, water and light conditions. We’ve talked about the gear, about flashlights and headlamps and glow in the dark stuff. We’ve considered what a good night plan looks like, having a strategy and then adapting.

Tactically, we’ve talked about drifting vs swinging flies, about three levels of the water column, about where to expect trout might feed the most after dark, and we’ve walked through top water patterns, emergers and streamers at night.

This week, we’re finishing the series with nymphs, wets and the Harvey Pusher Night flies. We discuss rigging and tactics for each of these fly types, where to fish them and how our presentations might differ at night  from what we do in the daylight.


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