Three Ways to Dead Drift -- Critical Nymphing Concepts #4

February 04, 2024 Domenick Swentosky Season 10 Episode 4
Three Ways to Dead Drift -- Critical Nymphing Concepts #4
Show Notes

This episode features what might be the most important concept of nymph fishing. There are three different ways to present a dead drifted nymph to the trout -- three ways to imitate what trout commonly see from the naturals. While trout eat dry flies in one plane (the surface) the complexity of currents underneath introduces more difficulty, simply because trout might be looking for food in multiple ways.

My friend, Austin Dando, and I break down one of my favorite topics in fly fishing -- the three ways to dead drift nymphs: bottom bouncing, strike zone rides and tracking the flies.

All three of these methods are viable. All of them produce. A nymphing angler dedicated to improving should consider what level to focus the presentation and how those nymphs might best look natural within that level.

This is a technical topic that is built on many Troutbitten resources that have come before it . . .


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