Critical Nymphing Concepts #6 -- Line on the Water

February 18, 2024 Domenick Swentosky Season 10 Episode 6
Critical Nymphing Concepts #6 -- Line on the Water
Show Notes

This episode is about tension and slack. It's about how we manage fly lines and leaders on the water while nymphing.

Remember, each of these episodes — all of these concepts — apply to all styles of nymphing. So we might choose to lay line on the water with an indicator rig (and sometimes mend it) just like we might choose to float the sighter with a tight line rig.

My friend, Austin Dando, joins me to walk through the tight line advantage of keeping line off the water and what happens when we give that up. Fishing greater distances often requires laying line on the water, and how we manage that line, how we plan for it, makes all the difference between a great drift and a poor one.


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