Memories and Fishing Plans

December 27, 2021 Domenick Swentosky Season 1 Episode 15
Memories and Fishing Plans
Show Notes

Episode 15 is for story telling. And I'm joined by my friends, Bill, Josh, Austin and Trevor to share memories and make a few plans.

This is the final episode for season one of the Troutbitten Podcast. And at the tail end of this busy year, it's a great time for reflections and resolutions.

My friends and I share a few lighthearted stories about the dumbest things we've ever done on the river. We also share who and what we miss most from years past. And lastly, we talk about what we want to change most about our fishing lives.

It's a great discussion that's both introspective and humorous. It's also the perfect way to wrap up season one of the Troutbitten Podcast.

We Cover the Following

  • Dom's snorkeling debacle
  • Josh and Austin, sleeping with the wolf spiders
  • Austin's humble brag on the Blackfoot River
  • Bill's finger problems
  • Trevor's costly fall in
  • What each of us misses most
  • What each of us plans to change for the coming season


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